All-New ChangeHero’s Transaction Processing Interface!

Crypto jargon is often considered to be tricky and startles the freshmen. ChangeHero has found a key to this issue and is set to redefine the way instant cryptocurrency exchange works.

Customer-first is our motto! We know, how important it’s to feel comfortable while exchanging. We always work on improving the user experience and updates the platform regularly. ChangeHero revamped the transaction interface to give you a clear picture of the entire exchange process.

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Our new intuitive transaction processing interface will enable you to monitor each step included in the exchange process. From the exchange rate to the number of confirmations, we’ve got everything covered for you. You can simply copy the most important details like the transaction id, payment hash of both incoming and outcoming payments just with the click of a button. We will also be notifying you via email and browser notifications when the transaction was completed.

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Transaction processing

Just in case you have encountered an issue or have any questions about the exchange, simply drop a message in the chatbox and our SupportHeroes come to your rescue. Our support team is available round the clock to assist you during the exchange process. We would be very glad if you guys rate our service as soon as the transaction is completed. It takes a minute but gives us some valuable feedback to work on and improve the service further.

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Confirmed transaction

With this new update, you can rest assured that your crypto assets are safe and all the details are at your disposal. Consequently, making the whole exchange process crystal-clear and lucid.

Check it out right now and swap your favorite cryptocurrency at the best rates on ChangeHero.

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