Better rates, more pairs, faster transactions… ChangeHero starts trading on!

ChangeHero — the most reliable instant cryptocurrency exchange service for fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto assets swap integrated a new promising trading partner Now ChangeHero users have access to more crypto pairs for trading with better rates and enhanced security on one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform.

What is beneficial for traders in this collaboration and how to enjoy all the advantages of both ChangeHero and platforms? Have a deep insight below!

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ChangeHero announced trading on

Why was founded in 2013 by Gate Technology Inc with an emphasis on security and simple user interface. This falls in line with ChangeHero’s core values and led to the integration of as a trading partner. There are more than 300 coins and tokens for trade. serves more than 2 million traders with a daily trade volume of over $300 million. The platform offers crypto-to-crypto, spot trading and margin trading, that distinguish from other exchanges. ensures security at each level of service. Despite two-factor authentication and SMS notifications, it is required to set two different passwords for the account and fund transfer. It is markable, that has never been hacked for the all time of existence.

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Image for post offers more than 300 coins and tokens for trade also has its own integrated wallet for instant deposits and withdrawal of any currency and runs a discounted blockchain assets sales platform called Startup.

Fees and discounts charges only a 0.2% service fee which is less than the average global trading fee of 0.25%. Besides, there is no deposit fee, and withdrawal fee is usually low and varies for each coin. Active users could also get a discount:

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How can traders benefit from ChangeHero and collaboration?

ChangeHero works relentlessly to provide the best service to our customers. We heavily focus on rates improvement, transaction speed and success rate, security and transparency of trading partners. Moreover, we are looking forward to integrating more coins and tokens, available for trade on to ChangeHero instant exchange platform.

In general, would help us to open new opportunities for traders, such as:

  • Better rates for a number of coins;
  • Faster transactions;
  • More coins and tokens available for trading and purchasing with a credit card;
  • Better cap for a variety of pairs;
  • Highly secured transactions with almost 100% success rate.

Swapping your assets with us, you will experience the advantages of both: and ChangeHero platform. Collaboration with helps to offer a unique set of features, to serve our traders the best way. You will enjoy:

  • simple user interface and sign up — free service;
  • fast 5–15 min transactions with the best rate among our trading partners like;
  • non-custodial exchange: instant assets transfer to your wallet after the transaction completion;
  • 24/7 customer support.
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Visit ChangeHero to swap your assets with the best rate!

The highest ChangeHero priority is our trader’s success. It motivates us to improve our service every day, and integration is an important step forward. Follow our Twitter, Facebook and Blog to stay up to date with our updates and find useful trading insights.

We are happy to have you on-board and always on-line for all your questions at

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