ChangeHero launches Fixed Rate exchanges!

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ChangeHero launches Fixed Rate exchanges

ChangeHero — the platform for the fast and unlimited 130+ crypto-to-crypto exchange and purchasing crypto with the credit card — launched a new feature — Fixed Exchange Rates for all the customers.

ChangeHero aims to make asset swap more easy and convenient every day. For that, we have already enabled coins and tokens purchasing without the limits, registration-free exchange, high transactions speed — so everyone could benefit from the rate fluctuations. And now we introduce Fixed Rates for users, who want to avoid all the trading risks.

Exchanging your coins with the fixed rate - you always know the exact amount you will receive in the result of the transaction. You are avoiding any rate fluctuations and swap your assets with a safely predictable outcome. ChangeHero takes all the risks for you!

Running your transaction on the fixed rate is as simple and user-friendly as a standard flow. In fact, you only need to press “Fixed rate” button on the ChangeHero exchange page before completing your transaction. Moreover, all our affiliate partners Wallets and Exchanges, integrated with ChangeHero via API are also free to provide Fixed Rates for their users!

Try out our new great feature and get your first safety-trading experience at!

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