ChangeHero Telegram Exchange Bot: How to Swap Crypto?

ChangeHero Telegram Exchange Bot

About the ChangeHero Telegram Exchange Bot

Advantages of Using the ChangeHero Telegram Exchange Bot

  • Can be used on the go or at your workstation! Feel free to use it with your mobile or desktop Telegram client.
  • No registration required. Keep your private info and private keys safe.
  • Seamless experience. Swap cryptocurrencies and communicate with the support team 24/7 without leaving your messenger.
  • Low service fees. Swap any pair only for 0.5% commission.
  • And as always, reliable and easy-to-use service in the form of cryptocurrency exchange bot!

How to Exchange Cryptocurrency on ChangeHero Telegram Bot?

  • Choose a currency to send from the list or request the full list by tapping the “Show me all currencies” button. Commands also work, just input the ticker or the full name of the currency! We picked USDT.
  • Now choose the currency you want to receive. Same rules apply. We picked DOT.
  • Next, enter the amount that you will be sending for an exchange. You’ll instantly receive an estimation of exchange at the current market exchange rate.
  • Provide the blockchain address to which you would like to receive the coins after the exchange.
  • Before proceeding to the exchange itself, you will get a chance to check the rate, amounts and receiving address once more. Tap “Confirm” when you’re ready, and remember: transactions on the blockchain are irreversible!
  • One last step: send the coins for exchange to the address provided by the Telegram exchange bot. It will notify you when they arrive and start the swap process.




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