DigiByte Price Analysis. What to expect from DGB in the near future?

Over five years since it’s launch, DigiByte has attracted the attention of a significant number of traders and crypto enthusiasts. DGB is perceived not only as a utility token itself, but also as an asset to invest in. There were a lot of dramatic price changes in DGB history, but lately, in mid-2019 DGB has managed to stabilize.

What to expect from DigiByte platform and DGB price in the near future? Is the best time to invest in DGB yet to come? And what to do with your assets if you are already a holder? We hope, Our new DGB Price analysis will help you to make the right decision.

DigiByte price analysis

Background & Technology

DigiByte is an open-sourced blockchain with an emphasis on decentralization. It was established by Jared Tate who is also the lead developer. After a 2-year involvement with Bitcoin, Jared decided to improve BTC core protocols. In 2014, he launched DigiByte with the purpose of pioneering new innovations. DigiByte has a 15 seconds block timing and that means it is 40 times faster than Bitcoin. It has the quickest block speed on the UTXO blockchain which makes it one of the best performing altcoins.

DGB is built on a solid platform which makes it impossible to counterfeit or hack. It uses 5 mining algorithms to protect the network. DigiByte was the first blockchain project to install SegWit in April 2017 in order to increase the block capacity and prevent malleability.

With the aim to make its technology act as a global payment system, DigiByte is just a few steps away from fiat adoption. We believe users would be able to use DGB to make common purchases soon.

DGB price analysis

Within a period of five years, DigiByte has become one of the safest blockchains. It is used in over 80 countries and about 15000 nodes globally. DGB came to the market with the lowest price of $0.0000366 at the end of 2014. It remained a comparatively stable price up to the mid-2017, with only a few short price jumps of about 50%. You can ask, are we really naming the price, that suddenly changes by 50% a comparatively stable? Yes, we are…

DGB price chart

In June 2017 DGB price rose up 30 times from around $0.002 to $0.06. DGB didn’t manage to remain in this trend and decreased to about $0.01 within 2 months. Another dramatic price pick happened between December 2017 and January 2018, when DGB price reached $0,147.

However, in February, the price dropped back to $0.02 and fluctuated between this value and $0.045 till October 2018. DGB entered the year 2019 at a price of $0.01 and reached a maximum of $0.0161 in June.

Recently, DGB price is stabilized. It is currently ranked #55 by CoinMarketCap with about 705.86% growth level since its introduction. DGB have about 12,075,114,747 DGB in circulation and a market cap of $132,272,921.

Expert’s price predictions

DigiByte has built a strong ecosystem and shown great potential through partnerships with different companies. Thus many experts are optimistic about the future of DigiByte, although predictions in the crypto world have proven to be very difficult.

Chief marketing officer and co-founder of DigiByte awareness team, Rudy Bouwman, expressed his thoughts on DGB’s future in the twitter post below:

Rudy Bouwman

Crypto prediction website CoinLiker is confident of DGB’s long-term increase. They predict a 5-year growth of up to $0.523342. Based on their projections, the DigiByte technology will become part of the daily payment systems as it evolves within this 5-year period. CoinLiker further predicts $0.151439 growth in 1 year and $0.269912 in 3 years as you can see in the table:

Digital Coin Price predicts that DGB might reach $0.01843590 by the end of 2019 and $0.04602046 by 2025, representing a growth of 345.26%. See the full DGB forecast chart:

Coin Fan also projects DigiByte will be trading around $0.02 at the end of December 2019 and $0.12 by the middle of 2025. In comparison with other experts, this is quite modest.

Crypto Gunther is a crypto-analyst who believes that DigiByte can reach $20 dollars by 2020. If this happens, DGB will have a market cap of $220 billion which might make it the most valuable crypto in the industry.

Wallet investor, another online prediction website makes a conservative projection that, DigiByte’s price can reach $0.0783 within 5 years.

What Else to Expect

The recent Odocrypt update (that allows DGB mining without ASICs hardware) and the announcement of Digi-ID has generated excitement among investors and created a positive image of DGB’s future. The DigiByte team is working hard to achieve mass adoption of the technology in the near future through collaborations with payment gateway companies Utrust and Paytomat. DGB represents a special project that is backed by a solid business strategy. Its unique blockchain technology is well secured and super-fast. It has the longest in the world. Because of DigiByte’s distinctive features, we are hopeful that it will become one of the most utilized coins in the market.

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