Edgeless: “People can actually spend their crypto on our platform in exchange for entertainment services…”

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What does Edgeless focus on?

Edgeless is a new kind of betting platform which focuses heavily on transparency factor. Currently Edgeless provide fun betting games such as roulette and. Additionally, platform has own crypto token named EDG.

Platform utilizes the latest blockchain technologies enabling publicly visible jackpots, incoming deposits/ withdrawals, casino’s bankroll. These features make Edgeless incredibly transparent betting operator for everyone who is involved. From players to employees.

How do you assess your progress?

To be honest, crypto-industry has almost no services where people can actually spend their crypto. Edgeless is one of a few crypto-related projects with own token (EDG). Users can actually spend their crypto on our platform in exchange for entertainment services.

What makes you sure about your project success?

Edgeless fundamental business plan is really strong. I mean that blockchain actually makes sense in our case. Not like most crypto-related projects are trying to put a blockchain where it does not solve anything.

Secondly, we are already in business for more than 2 years proving our progress.

Right now we are working heavily on the new game’s development. Our community can expect more entertainment content coming regularly on Edgeless platform.

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Edgeless platform

How to become a part of Edgeless community?

Everyone can join Edgeless community only by joining our telegram chat, or subscribing to our newsletters or even following us on social media. Being a part of our community is always beneficial since they are the first to hear the news about Edgeless project, they can always directly talk with the key members and ask questions as well as get the answers that matter to them.

What is your plan for the cooperation with Changehero.io exchange platform?

Edgeless sees Changehero.io as a strong partner for the mutual growth and in these more complex times for crypto industry, it is always nice to have reliable partnerships at hand. We hope to have a continuous collaboration with Changehero.io and find new ways to grow for both of the projects.

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