Swap your BNB fast and easy with ChangeHero

BNB Mainnet and how it differs from BNB ERC-20

Binance Coin or BNB coin — is a native Binance exchange coin. It used to be ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain and since 23rd April 2019 BNB migrated to Binance Chain and become the new blockchain’s native asset.

The improved version of Binance Coin ‎‎(BNB) is expected to represent the motherboard that serves the entire Binance blockchain and serve as the foundation for Binance’s DEX (first of all, for decentralized BNB change to other tokens based on Binance Chain).

Binance Chain is supposed to do a much better job (speed, transaction fees, etc) than Ethereum. Binance team expects all of the regulated token offerings and ICOs moving forward to take place on Binance Chain as it simply provides a much better platform for these use cases.

BNB Mainnet swap

How to SWAP BNB?

For users, who store BNB on Binance — BNB swap is an automatical process. Binance handled everything and coins are already swapped automatically;

BNB holders, who keep BNB ERC-20 in a cryptocurrency wallet, have to deposit it to Binance or another swap service to perform the token conversion within 90 days;

Another option is to swap BNB on instant exchanges like Changehero.io. It provides convenient SWAP service 1:1 and with 0% fee.

Swap your BNB easy and fast with ChangeHero

BNB Swap with ChangeHero is super easy, unlimited and fast! We don’t take any fees, and the rate it 1:1. That means you will receive exactly the same amount of BNB Mainnet coins as the amount of BNB ERC-20 you send us.

Swap your BNB with ChangeHero

Here you can find step-by-step instruction, how to swap your BNB with ChangeHero:

First, put the amount of BNB ERC-20 tokens you want to swap to BNB Mainnet. You need to provide your BNB BEP2 Wallet address (where you want us to send your BNB Mainnet) and MEMO, if you have it.

(Usually, MEMO is required, if you want to receive your BNB Mainnet to the exchange (like Binance) account. In this case, it is really important to provide it, otherwise, your coins could be lost):

Then, make sure that all the data is correct, check the BNB Mainnet address and MEMO once again. Then, confirm the transaction:

After it, copy BNB ERC-20 address and send your BNB tokens there:

Wait for 5–7 min for your BNB Mainnet arrival to your Wallet address:

Done! Find your BNB Mainnet coins at your wallet!

Go to ChangeHero now and swap your BNB ERC-20 to BNB Mainnet BEP2 1:1 fast, with no fees and limits. Now you know how to swap BNB the best way!

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