We are rocking with the best: ChangeHero and BestChange are now partners!


How does BestChange work?

BestChange offers free online services by assisting users with finding the best place to buy and swap digital assets. It provides real-time information on exchange rates and commission fees from various exchangers, accumulated in one table. For users, it is a one-stop point to choose the most profitable rate provider for each particular transaction. Visitors can also view the market statistics, track their exchange history, post reviews, comments and complaints about the service provider.

Check the real-time market data on BestChange

How does BestChange maintain credibility?

BestChange takes serious precautions in selecting exchange partners and enlisting them on monitoring system by carefully accessing exchanger reputation, certification, and other records. Exchangers must already be operating for at least 6 months, have a total available reserve value of over $5000, and be able to prove customer service satisfaction.

Why is it important for ChangeHero to be a BestChange partner?

Enlisting on BestChange comes with a lot of benefits for exchangers, like ChangeHero. It provides access to 70 000 daily visitors seeking a place to swap their assets. It leads to a boost in a number of transactions for the exchanger with competitive rates. ChangeHero has established itself as a credible, reliable and convenient crypto-to-crypto exchange provider within a short time and integration to BestChange confirms this fact.

ChangeHero is a reliable BestChange trading partner
BestChange has 2 million active users monthly

How to swap assets on ChangeHero through the BestChange?

Checking the rates on BestChange users may find out that for the variety of pairs ChangeHero rates are on TOP. Swapping assets on ChangeHero is a great decision, as the platform provides a fast and transparent 5-steps exchange process and enjoyable user interface.

ChangeHero is in TOP-3 exchangers for the variety of pairs
Swap your assets on ChangeHero in 5–15 minutes!



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